Associated Press (AP) Versus The Blogosphere

The Associated Press (AP) Versus The Blogosphere Proves Bloggers Are Winning The Battle For The Title Of “The Press” Our Founders Risked Their Lives To Protect

A Desperate Associated Press (AP) Seeks To Charge Bloggers For Quoting Portions Of Their MOSTLY Worthless And Biased (So-Called) “Articles’

The Associated Press AP Goes After The Bloggers The Associated Press (AP) Versus The Blogosphere Proves Bloggers Are Winning The Battle For The Title Of The Press Our Founders Risked Their Lives To project interesting. The Associated Press seems to have no problem at all with grabbing my PUBLICLY syndicated news feed and offering my articles to various newspapers around the country, which they have done on more than one occasion. The newspapers publish my article in their “rags”, attributing the “Op-Ed” to “a blogger who goes by The Gun Toting Liberal™, the newspaper who publishes the “Op-Ed” benefits by selling ads, but I don’t see a dime of their revenues. And, hey, I’m A-OKAY with the arrangement. But, not the AP, apparently.

NOPE — the AP has taken it upon themselves to feel “entitled” to grab MY articles and offer them to newspapers nationwide — i.e., they subscribe to the AP, they can pick, choose and print anything the AP offers them, including ANY writings found here, at The GTL™. Again, I’ve never had any problem with this arrangement, despite the fact that my most-often searched phrase, according to Google, is “gun toting liberal” since the AP forces “impressed” readers to locate me on their own since they rarely offer my web address. Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block — YOUR Turn to O-PINE At The GTL™

I Can’t Focus, Therefore, I Call Upon Our Friends, Readers And Co-Blogging Commentators To Bail Me Out

That’s right, friends — I’ve had writer’s block for two straight days now. Too damned many serious items going on to just pick one and o-PINE on it, so I thought I’d reach out for your help tonight. What’s on your mind? Speak out.

This would be an especially great time for some of those hundreds of thousands of monthly readers who keep visiting, yet never leave a comment to come out of the closet. Please? Tell us what’s on your mind. Tell us why you don’t normally comment. Tell us why you would rather read than not comment. If nothing else, just introduce yourselves to our “dysfunctional GTL™ family.

As for the regulars — don’t be shy either. What’s going on? What SHOULD we be writing about? What SHOULD we be leaving alone and why?

SPEAK UP! Exercise your 1st Amendment Constitutional Civil Liberty within the fairly “LIBERAL” confines of our Official Commenting Policy NOW. Some of you, our dear readers and my fellow Americans have kept your keyboards quiet mouths shut long enough…

And now, it’s YOUR turn. O-PINE.