Gun Control

Everything that you need to know about Gun Control

Gun control is a term that is used and heard commonly in the media today. Gun control refers to all the laws created with the aim and purpose of regulating the sale and ownership of firearms. Mass shootings occurring in the United States have sparked debate over gun control and individuals’ gun rights.

In many regions of the world, there are usually strict laws enforced by the government to control ownership and use of guns. However, in America, it is a lot easier for the average person to access firearms because the laws are not as strict.

As expected, in America, the issue of gun possession has always been characterized by opposing opinions whereby proponents of gun control believe that citizens should not be allowed to own guns. On the other hand, proponents of gun control agree that every citizen has the right to possess firearms as stipulated in the 2nd amendment rights.

So what exactly is gun control?

Gun control is an umbrella term that includes any type of restriction that controls what kind of firearms people can buy and sell or who can sell and possess said firearms. Gun control laws are also designed to manage how guns are stored and carried, the extent of responsibility of the seller to vet the buyer, as well as the obligations of both the buyer and seller to notify the government of such transactions.

The laws on carrying weapons vary vastly from state to state. For instance, some states permit people that legally own guns to carry them openly and in public without the need for a license or permit.
In other states, individuals are not allowed to carry concealed weapons while other states people are required to have permits to carry concealed guns. The most restrictive states when it comes to gun control are Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey California, Illinois, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

The government’s position on gun control

When it comes to enforcement of gun control, there is no compromise or consensus regarding the issue as there has always and will most likely always be a divide between proponents and opponents of gun control.

The public also remains largely divided regarding the issue; over the past few decades, the American public has decreased its support for stricter gun control despite the increased number of mass shootings.

Although there are some high profile shootings, especially in American schools, that have paved the way for increased restrictions, gun control is still one of the most conflict-ridden issues in American contemporary society today.