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Some of the content of this blog could be viewed as offensive by sensitive viewers, so if you are somebody who is easily offended, please go to another site that doesn’t have a warning like this one in their disclaimer. Any photo and/or photoshop displayed on this site, unless otherwise designated by a mouseover hover, are the sole property and original creations of The Gun Toting Liberal™. Anybody is welcomed to publish them on their sites but again, we do expect any such site owners to mention in close proximity of the placement of the image on their page that the image originated from this site. Hotlinking images from our site directly to your site is a “no-no”, so please don’t do it. Save it on your computer and upload it to your own host, please.

This blog includes writings from multiple authors. The views and opinions expressed in this blog represent only those of the particular author(s) and not those of the people, institutions or organizations that may or may not be referenced, including but not limited to any and all content referencing any branch of the U.S. Military. The views expressed in this blog are those of the individual author(s) and do not in any way reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Air Force, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. Hereinafter, the term “authors” shall include but not be limited to the article writers of this blog as well as the individuals who choose to upload their own personal points of view into the open comment sections to those articles. In other words, reader comments.

This blog just provides a snapshot of the knowledge, views, and opinions on various topics that are being held at a particular point of time by the author(s), which may or may not evolve over time. It is also important to note that the site owner’s primary function with this blog is to provide entertainment. Many of the posts in this blog are strictly intended to be viewed as satire, and/or ironic in nature and should be taken as such when in doubt. We enjoy keeping the reader guessing, frankly, as to the seriousness of each article, and in fact, believe this is why hundreds of thousands of people find this site to be entertaining. The only way to know whether or not one of the points of view expressed in this blog reflects an actual opinion of the particular author, or whether it actually was intended to be satirical in nature would be to contact that particular author in real life and discuss it with them. Please don’t make any assumptions.

The author(s) reserve the right to utilize and/or otherwise express strong, and even offensive language herein. Again; for that reason, it is recommended that you leave exit this blog if you are under the legal age of adult status in your area, or if you are easily offended. By continuing to read and/or participate as an author or commenter on this blog, you are stating for the record that you are not easily offended by strong and/or offensive language and opinions, and that you are legally an adult. The owner and author(s) Cannot be held liable in any way for any content you are not legally allowed to view/download, and/or any content you may find offensive. That stated, we DO try to stay away from what could be construed as foul language as much as possible due to the large numbers of younger readers who visit this site.

Now let’s talk about “revolution”; a term you will see used here from time to time by the authors. To be perfectly clear, that term as well as any other term referring to “revolt”, or “revolution”, when used by one of the authors, is strictly used as a term to suggest the peaceful principal of stomping out voter apathy by encouraging dissatisfied voters to do their revolting at the ballot boxes. Neither the Site Owner, or any of the participating authors here condone any sort of violence whatsoever, and that includes any sort of revolutionary measures aimed toward bringing our Government down in any way that is not 100% lawfully done at the ballot boxes, and anybody who reads any such post here and makes any assumptions otherwise is just dead wrong. Make no mistake about it; we will not hesitate to assist any and all authorities from the proper “three-letter-agencies” in bringing any of the other “revolutionary” types to swift justice should they reveal those intentions here, so if that is your aim as a commenter to the articles and posts here, you had better think twice before posting any such garbage on this site.

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In regards to the authors, you agree you will not make any assumptions based upon their writings as to their personality, their character, their integrity, their intentions, or who they are in person based upon the interests and opinions they express here. Because this blog is based loosely upon certain themes, including but not limited to political news, the U.S. military, the U.S. Government, and current world and U.S. events, it may be easy to assume the author(s) are activists for certain related causes when in fact it may be true this represents only a small fraction of those persons’ life interests. For example, the site owner participates in forums, online chats, and/or other blogs where the sole topics of “conversation” are appliances, music, guitar, and other areas of interest where political philosophies are never even discussed.

Any and all threats of bodily harm to any person or any threats of damage to public, or private property is strictly prohibited from being expressed on this blog, and rest assured that any such episodes will be promptly reported to the proper authorities if they are perceived to be a credible threat by the site owner and/or individual, independent authors. We will cooperate with those authorities to aid them in any way we can should anybody make such threats, so be warned.

Strong opinions which are expressed herein by any author, including but not limited to the site owner regarding and/or pertaining to any branch, office, or officer of any Government on any level within the United States shall not in any way be construed as a threat, or to be any form of contempt being expressed toward such entities. Regardless of how any content shared herein by any author, including but not limited to the site owner may impact the reader, view, or listener it is the site owner’s sole intent to entertain, and to POSITIVELY stimulate the reader and/or listener, and NOT to incite or encourage violence, or lawbreaking of any type against the entities referenced. The site owner shall aggressively assist any and all legal authorities in the prosecution of any individuals, or groups who violate this policy.

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This disclaimer was not written by a lawyer, or a person with any legal authority or expertise, it was written by the site owner. Because of the fact the site owner is not a legal expert, the readers of this Disclaimer shall not hold the site owner to the high standards one would expect a legal professional to be held to.

In other words; we’ve tried our best, so please go easy on us.